Plats cuisinés

Pâtés, fish & cooked dishes.

Pâtés, poissons & plats cuisinés

Our pâtés, tinned fish and cooked dishes embody the complete tradition of secret family recipes passed down in Basque, Bearnese and Bigourdan homes from generation to generation. We share with you all the generosity of this expertise that respects the products of the land and the sea.

Each tasting features high quality raw materials and sometimes unexpected ingredients, carefully crafted according to tightly controlled quality criteria, all reflective of Pyrenean cuisine.

Our pâté, fish and cooked dish producers

Jean de Luz

Founded in 2003, the Jean de Luz cannery is located in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, a historic site for tuna and sardine fishing.

More infoFilet de Thon Germon Huile d'Olive 140g - Conserverie Jean de Luz


Orocbat develops delicious Basque family recipes with a passion for tradition and local

More infoPâté Basque Piment d'Espelette 180g - Orocbat

La Truite des Pyrénées

The La Truite des Pyrénées hydroponic family farm was established in 1953 in the heart of the Pyrenees, in pure natural waters.

More infoPavé de truite sauce pyrénéen - La truite de Pyrénéesne

Château Bellevue

Their artisanal expertise has been forged over years, on the grassy land of a chateau with well-cared-for ducks.

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La truite des Pyrénées Saveurs des Pyrénées

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