Viandes et salaison

Fresh & salt-cured meats.

Viandes & salaisons

AOP Noir de Bigorre pork and IGP milk-fed lamb from the Pyrenees are among the highlights of Pyrenean meat. With Ibaïama pork, Maison Mayté perpetuates a Basque artisanal farming method that has been handed down for generations. Luxurious finesse and tradition for the most beautiful tables!

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Axuria is a renowned cooperative in the heart of Basque Country with 300 dairy lamb farmers from the Pyrenees.

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Maison Mayté is a family business spanning five generations of butchers with ancestral expertise in the heart of Basque Country.

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Noir de Bigorre

With players united around an exceptional ancestral sector, Noir de Bigorre pork is an essential product in French gastronomy.

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Viandes et salaison

When tradition and a touch of modernity enhance the product.

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