Une sélection de produits exigeante et savoureuse

A sophisticated and tasty selection of products.

Our products

Our products are simply good—nearly 40 years of customer loyalty proves it. People return not just for the flavour, but because it reflects a way of life, a preserved setting, and respect for the land, animals and resources that are unique to the Pyrenees.

Jams & honeys

The secrets of our beekeepers and jam makers will forever remain a well-guarded treasure, bringing us an infinite variety of flavours created by a delicate balance of fruit, flower, and sugar.

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Fresh & salted meats

AOP Noir de Bigorre pork, IGP milk-fed lamb from the Pyrenees, IGP duck from the South-West and Ibaïama pork offer luxurious finesse and tradition for the best tables.

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Our pastries reconnect with the forgotten delights of childhood. Anchored in history, they daringly combine spicy and surprising flavours.

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Cheeses & dairy products

Located in the mountains and in exceptional natural sites, our farmers and artisans preserve traditional cheese-making and dairy expertise.

More infoFromages et produits laitiers Saveurs des Pyrénées

Vegetables & condiments

Treat yourself to a dash of spice to round out your culinary exploration of a land of a thousand flavours.

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Pâtés, fish & cooked dishes

Our pâtés, tinned fish and cooked dishes reflect the complete Basque and Pyrenean history of secret family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

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Saveurs des Pyrénées products

Our products are reliable, consistent, innovative and guaranteed by external certification and official quality designations: AOP: Ossau-Iraty, Noir de Bigorre, Piment d’Espelette; IGP: Bayonne ham, South-West duck, Pyrenees milk-fed lamb; Red Label, etc.