Confitures et miel

Jams & honeys.

Confitures & miels

The secrets of our beekeepers and jam makers will forever remain a well-guarded treasure, bringing us an infinite variety of flavours created by a delicate balance of fruit and sugar. A gourmet dream come true, as each variety of fruit is carefully selected to preserve a unique taste until jarring.

The ultimate symbol of naturalness and preservation, mountain honey unveils a palette of unexpected diversity that includes both subtle aromas and strong flavours. Combined with nuts, it becomes a gourmet paradise!

Our jam and honey producers

Les Petits Fruits

Les Petits Fruits is a key player in the South-West region of France, based for decades at the foot of the Pic du Midi.

More infobio généreuse myrtille - Les Petits Fruits

Rayon D’Or

Located a stone’s throw from the Orgues d’Ille sur Têt, the Rayon d’Or honey factory has been in operation since 1970, supporting and promoting local and family beekeeping.

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Confitures et miel

Enjoy exceptional honeys and jams that transport you to the heart of our regions.

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