A wide range of honeys harvested and jarred by Occitania’s oldest group of beekeepers

Miellerie Rayon d’Or

Honey from the Eastern Pyrenees.

32 varieties of high-quality Pyrenean honey.

Located a stone’s throw from the Orgues d’Ille sur Têt, Miel Rayon d’Or has been in operation since 1970, supporting and promoting local and family beekeeping.

A wide range of artisanal honey-based confectionery.

Above all artisanal, Miel Rayon d’Or, in tandem with its honeys, offers a variety of recipes, such as its delicious gingerbread. Socially, ecologically and economically responsible, Miel Rayon d’Or is positioned as a key player in Pyrenean beekeeping.

Unwavering in its ethics, the honey farm strives to maintain its hives without any chemical or heat treatment. This down-to-earth company cultivates a selection of endemic bee strains in the interest of preservation.

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Mielerie rayon d'or


High mountain honey

Lavender honey

Garrigue honey

Acacia honey



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Enjoy a variety of honeys harvested between mountains and Mediterranean shores!

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