Love for good food has no age, nor does the memory of your first madeleine long ago. Our pastries reconnect with the forgotten sweets of our childhood. Anchored in their time, they daringly combine spicy and surprising flavours. With an offer of cheese biscuits for aperitif, these crunchy delicacies are resolutely grounded in the present.

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Explore a range of artisanal savoury biscuits for aperitif, as well as sweet biscuits and Basque cakes.

More infoEtui 80g Brebis Piment Espelette - Biscuiterie Okina

Les Gourmandises de Mireille

In the heart of the Pyrenees sits a traditional workshop that is home to the tradition of Mireille’s gourmet recipes

More infoMadeleines pur beurre - Les Gourmandises de Mireille

A pastry that celebrates the taste and harmony of flavours.

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