A production method that respects animals, people, and the environment

Aldabia poultry farmers

Chickens and guinea fowls from the Basque Country

L'équipe d'Aldabia

A farmhouse production using rustic, slow-growing breeds

Baserri chickens are raised by 15 partner farms in the Basque Country.
Fed without GMOs, their flesh is fragrant, tender, and resistant to cooking.

A range of farmhouse and gourmet products: raw and cooked poultry, canned goods

For over thirty years, Aldabia has been promoting local production and short distribution channels.
Today, the 15 farms that make up the group, aim for excellence in free-range farming that respects animal welfare. The poultry grow in free-range conditions for at least 91 days, and are fed on GMO-free cereals, most of which are produced on the farm.
A fully mastered production process that highlights exceptional quality products.

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Fresh Products

Traditional ready-to-cook chicken with or without giblets

Traditional ready-to-cook guinea fowl with or without giblets

Poultry cuts: leg, wing, thigh, gizzard, liver, drumstick...

Cooked meals and canned goods

Cooked meals: Chicken Axoa, chicken lasagne, chicken parmentier, piperade, chicken curry, poule au pot, poulet basquaise, sliced chicken gizzards

Canned goods: plain chicken rillettes, lemon chicken rillettes, Espelette pepper chicken rillettes, chorizo-style chicken rillettes, poultry liver pâté, capon terrine with duck foie gras (20%)

A range of raw, cooked and canned poultry to discover and enjoy!

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