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Vegetables & condiments.

Légumes & condiments

In France as in Spain, the green landscapes of Bearn, Basque country and Navarre are home to treasured ancient crops, such as the Piquillo pepper, the Espelette pepper and the Béarn pepper. Navarre, Spain’s garden, is a paradise for the most beautiful vegetables, found in a very wide range of soups and gazpachos.

To accompany our regional meat and fish dishes, our Pyrenean cooks boldly developed creative sauces and condiments, while producing must-have onion confit recipes.

Treat yourself to a dash of spice to round out your culinary exploration of a land of a thousand flavours.

Our vegetable and condiment producers


This family-run company prides itself on offering recipes made from fresh, harvested and seasonally produced vegetables.

More infoMousse de piquillo - Anko

L’Atelier du Piment

L’Atelier du Piment works with this spice from its seed form to the creation of derived products. An original and authentic spice that belongs in every kitchen.

More infoGelée au piment d'Espelette - L'atelier du Piment

Les Petits Fruits

Les Petits Fruits is a key player located at the foot of the Pic du Midi, specialised in the processing of fruit for more than thirty years.

More infoFolies Fromages Myrtille au serpolet 120g - Les Petits Fruits
Légumes et condiment

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