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Tasty recipes that are rich in fish and 100% natural ingredients

Jean de Luz

Artisanal production, based in St Jean de Luz, in French Basque Country.

A local company that reinvented canning.

Founded in 2003, the Jean de Luz cannery is located in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, a historic site for tuna and sardine fishing.

A short trip through Basque Country

Proud to relocate a cannery to Saint-Jean-de-Luz with fish from the local fishery, Jean de Luz continues its local tradition by sourcing all of its supplies from as close to Saint-Jean-de-Luz as possible. The cannery prides itself on marking the origin of its raw food materials even on its product labels. This is why fish is bought at the fish auction, within the port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

To ensure a delicate taste, this Pyrénées-Atlantiques cannery relies on the production of low-salt, low-fat recipes featuring organic ingredients. The allergen-free, preservative-free products of Jean de Luz offer superior quality with no plastic in their packaging, making them fully recyclable.

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La conserverie Jean de luz
Conserverie Jean de Luz


Bonito fillet

Germon or Albacore tuna fillets

Sardine with oil, lemon and Espelette pepper


Tuna terrines

Mackerel terrines

Sardine terrines


Pâtés, poissons & plats cuisinés

By focusing on manual and artisanal work, Jean de Luz offers recipes that are enticing and environmentally friendly.

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