L'atelier du Piment Saveurs des Pyrénées

A product range designed around the quintessential Basque spice!

L’Atelier du piment

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L'atelier du piment Saveurs des Pyrénées

From cultivating to processing the Espelette pepper.

L’Atelier du Piment works with this spice from its seed form to the creation of derived products. An original and authentic spice that belongs in every kitchen.

L’Atelier du Piment, a key player and producer of Espelette pepper.

Established in 2002, L’Atelier du Piment is first and foremost a place of work and life, led by a team of ten passionate and committed individuals. Through such involvement, this range was developed, featuring the pepper with unparalleled flavours, resulting from traditional and artisanal expertise.

The Espelette pepper is a delicate spice that requires a lot of care and attention during production. L’Atelier du Piment ensures that each stage of production meets the highest standards in order to guarantee a high-quality end product.

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L'atelier du piment
L'atelier du Piment Saveurs des Pyrénées

Espelette pepper products

AOP Espelette pepper powder

Espelette pepper jelly

Espelette pepper purée

Condiments et innovations

Special salad oil with Espelette pepper

Basque Kel’chup

Légumes & condiments

An assortment that warms the palate and hearts, to taste and enjoy!

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