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The excellence of a breed that is emblematic of its territory!

Le Noir de Bigorre

Noir de Bigorre pork salt-cured meats and charcuterie

Sophie Defis

A gourmet ham that is unique in France, crowned with an AOP label.

This breed of pig, endemic to the central Pyrenees, is protected thanks to a small number of farmers committed to the survival of this symbol of cultural pride.

Quality, flavour and tradition: Le Noir de Bigorre, an integrated chain.

With players united around an exceptional ancestral sector (farmers, charcuterie artisans, cured meat producers and technical advisers), Noir de Bigorre pork is an essential product in French cuisine. The ham is one of the largest European hams. This gourmet product is like no other in France, and it is crowned with an AOP label that guarantees its quality and origin.

Noir de Bigorre black pigs are raised in the open air in identified areas and with a restricted density of 20 pigs per hectare. The pigs feed on pastures, local GMO-free grains, acorns, fruits and other natural resources. A long ageing process (at least 12 months) ensures meat with depth of character that is tender, coloured and tasty. The hams are refined for a long time (up to 48 months), which gives them an incomparable fat quality.

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Le Noir de bigorre

Freh meat

Filet « Noir de Bigorre AOP »

Shoulder « Noir de Bigorre AOP »

Round « Noir de Bigorre AOP »

Bone rib « Noir de Bigorre AOP »

Shank « Noir de Bigorre AOP »


Ham and salt-cured meats

« Noir de Bigorre AOP » pork ham

« Noir de Bigorre AOP » pork ham petals

« Noir de Bigorre AOP » pork belly

« Noir de Bigorre AOP » pork terrine

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