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Biscuiterie Védère

Since 1905, the baking company Biscuiterie Vedere offers the traditional biscuits à la cuillère (melting biscuits) and the famous tourte, a typical butter cake made on the foothills of the peak Le Pic du Midi, in Bigorre, central Pyrenees.
A total control of the making-process for an optimum and consistent quality and the respect of delicate ancient recipes, are the key ingredients for an appealing and mouth-watering assortment. Discover the ancient pastry culture of this region through a wide and delicious line !

To make your mouth water:

Tourte des Pyrénées, Biscuits des Pyrénées sponge biscuits, ladyfingers, cakes, butter biscuits, gâteau à la broche…
On plastic or cardboard packages, or old sugar tin.



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