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Mille Envies de Miel

An innovative line combining the recognized savoir faire of a mountain beekeeper and the creativity of recipes enhancing the traditional honeys.

Each local honey, of high purity, presents its own characteristics : balanced, bright or smooth to offer as much choice as possible. To complete the selection, creamy honeys with delicious chopped walnuts, cocoa or salt crystals delight the greediest... With Mille Envies de Miel, the honey invites itself to the table of modernity to conquer the most exigent palates. Yield to temptation !

To make your mouth water :

Single flower honeys (linden tree, acacia…) in 206g and 30g jars, creamy honeys (plain, with walnuts…) in 130g, 80g and 45g glass jars.



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