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Les Folies Foie Gras

Set in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Pyrenees, the company Les Petits Fruitsoffers an audacious line of fresh recipes. The creation of these sweet surprises is a real work of art, as it requires the respect of the natural aroma of the fruit, a short cooking time to preserve its texture and colour, and a perfect balance in the association of flavours.

As in any art, it is at the summit of the technical mastery that the craziest creativity reveals itself : a range of spiced confits playing with the contrast or complementarity of the aromas… well named the Folies Grillades and Folies Foie Gras. With their colourful packaging, they become the essential ingredient for the best meat pieces.

To make your mouth water :

Candied apple confit with gingerbread flavour, onion honey and Jurançon, mango peach and rosemary… in 110g jars, available in displays of 36 units or in cases of 10 jars. 



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