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La Maison Mayté

Deeply rooted in the Basque country, in the middle of endless green hills, the Mayté family perpetuates the high-quality savoir faire of their ancestors.
Cured with the exceptional local climate, the hams and sausages of this passionate producer offer incomparable flavours.
Besides its powerful and subtle aroma, the Ibaïama ham, made from pigs bred according to strict terms and conditions, differs from other hams thanks to its nutty flavour, melting texture and its perfect balance between fat and lean.
The dried salt from the Adour Basin saline, with which the ham is slowly hand-rubbed, allows its long preservation. Air-dried and processed during the four seasons, it is cured with the natural wind, in rooms that allow a free circulation of the air, without any human control of temperature and hygrometry.

To make your mouth water :
Ibaïama ham, PGI-certified Bayonne ham, cured sausages, chorizo, Béret basque with black pepper or with Espelette pepper (round, flat and skinless sausages)… cured meat, packed in paper.


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