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Au Fil du Fruit

Set in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Pyrenees, the company Les Petits Fruits offers an audacious line of modern recipes. The creation of these sweet surprises is a real work of art, as it requires the respect of the natural aroma of the fruit, a short cooking time to preserve its texture and colour, and a perfect balance in the association of flavours.

The preparation in a copper cauldron in small quantities guarantees a traditional process and allows a better flexibility of the production tool. The jam producer is therewith closer to his product and appreciates the ideal aspect to assure a consistent quality and favour the fruit rather than the sugar. The jams Au Fil du Fruit are an invitation to rediscover your breakfast !

To make your mouth water :

Jams cooked in copperware cauldron (raspberry and lychee with rose, black cherry with Espelette chilli, passion mango green tea…), 220g jars in cases of 8 / 85g jars in cases of 18.



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